Our Restaurant

With pleasure we invite you to our restaurant La Bila, named after the tree located in front of our restaurant. Bila is a fruit that can be found i.e. here in Bali and thus in our resort we have plenty of Bila trees. We welcome you to join us and enjoy our relaxed, familiar and peaceful atmosphere.

Whether for breakfast, lunch or dinner, definitely try some of our lovely and tasteful dishes. These are traditionally prepared with organic and seasonal ingredients.Our restaurant emphasises tradition and innovation building on the prestige of balinese and international cuisine. Please, do not be afraid of hot and spicy dishes. Our chefs have plenty of experience and will cook and adjust the flavour according to your tolerance level and taste.

Some of our specialty’s are for instance the vegetarian and local dish “Gado-Gado”, traditional baalinese curry’s,  local Indonesian dishes such as “Sate-Ayam” and a variety of fresh fish i.e. barracuda, tuna, squid or even prawns. Of course we offer Mediterranean and continental europe dishes like Pasta, salads, our well known and famous Divers dinner Cordon Bleu  and Schnitzel and Pizzas!