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Dive Sites

Batu Ringgit

Seclusive dive site where lava troncs enter the ocean : a small overhang and beautiful fan corals on the walls.

Easy Wreck

A 30m coaster on a riff with 2 levels of swim throughs

Liberty Wreck

A 115 m wreck from the 2nd world war : amazing swim through and beautiful corals. Also great for Night dives : big fish like Groupers, Bump-head Parrot fish and Maureen eels !.

Coral Gardens

A cleaning station made up of statutes at 16 m depth with cleaner shrimps, ghost pipe fish, ribbon eel

Tulamben Drop Off

Large and very cororful fancorals at depth, at the safetystop a huge school of Yellowstriped fuseliers

Muck / Macro Diving

On Seraya Secrets and Pura Manik : manta shrimps, nudi-branches : search for all the beautiful small stuff


An artificial reef on the slope of Amed wall : macro, bleu spotted rays, lots of fish and turtle encounters


A sheltered bay with statues and very colorful corals in shallow water and loads of fish on the cleaning station and the plateau. At 30m depth large fan corals and a large fluorescent anemone


Amazing drift dive over pristine corals at depth. Any encounter is possible : reef sharks, turtles, mantas, mola-mola

Japanese Wreck

A small tugboat from WO 2 with colorful macro, and beautiful soft- and fan corals on the slope

Gili Selang

Excellent variety and number of hard and soft corals, big coral bommies and table corals. This gili island has some of the best corals in Bali and Lombok. A variety of reef fish, moray eels, turtles, reef sharks and…