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PADI programs & courses/ concerns with diving activities:

Because our first priority is safety followed by customer service. As we focus on quality over quantity, we offer tailor-made and customized service. We adapt wishes from our guests and integrate them into our diving activities.

That is why e.g. we do not have standard starting times but we first ask our students and certified divers when they desire to start their diving journey. We only operate with a maximum ratio of two students per instructor and will adjust ratios if guests may request a group of max. four persons.

Furthermore, we are a transparent and fair PADI Dive Resort; our prices do not hide any additional fees. Transportation, full standard diving gear -after PADI Standards-, snacks & water, lunch, daily fresh towels, diving instructor for guiding/ teaching, beach taxes are included. Extra fees -see price list- will only arise if diving by boat or hiring additional equipment such as torches, computers, nitrox tanks.

It is a completely new world and because of that, you obviously need some time for adaptation as in any other new activity you may start. All individuals are different and some feel like “fishes” underwater and other may need a bit more of time. You will see how easy is to disconnect from our real world since once you submerge yourself you will suddenly hear new sounds like the ones of your breathing.

In other words, a “sound” arises when you breathe in and as well, you will hear even the bubbles when breathing out. On the other hand, no traffic sounds, phones, people talking, etc. A lovely feeling of calmness and peace. Especially in the clear waters of Bali, the underwater world is full of light, color and life. The tropical underwater landscape is covered fully by corals and a huge variety of coral reef fishes.

Give yourself some time and you will not regret it! It is definitely an amazing experience and you will enjoy it a lot.

When participating in any PADI courses/ programs we will provide you some administrative forms. One of them is the so-called “Medical Statement”. Be welcome to ask us directly for sending you this form per E-mail.

When answering “YES” to any of the questions you will need then to attend a physician and take the questionnaire to him/ her. The doctor will verify if you are fit for diving. Please keep in mind that before any in-water activities, all listed questions need to be answered with a “NO”

As an active PADI Dive Resort member, we use guidelines and standards laid out by PADI. Consequently, for Bubblemaker Program the minimum age is 8 years whereas to obtain a PADI entry-level certification (Junior) the minimum age to enroll a PADI Scuba Diver or PADI Open Water Course is 10 years.

For entry-level/ beginners we provide the following programs and courses:

  • PADI Discover Scuba Diving Program: takes ½ day and it is an introduction diving journey with two dives included
  • PADI Scuba Diver Course: takes 2 days and you become officially PADI Certified (12 metres/ always accompanied by a PADI Professional)
  • PADI Open Water Diver Course: takes three and half days if accomplishing the theory here in Amed. If you request us to send you a PADI E-Learning Code you can finish the course in just two days (please contact us directly if you would like to request a PADI Code to access Online Material and work already on the theory from home). With this course, you become PADI certified and are allowed to dive independently to 18 meters, always accompanied with a diving “buddy”.

No, it isn’t. Scuba diving reputation is significantly safe. Of course, it is mandatory to follow guidelines and safety rules explained by your diving instructor. Later on, you will become familiar with them as they follow basic common sense.

Scuba diving is actually an awesome activity and hobby. A “buddy” sport, which allows fun to be shared with friends, relatives or family.

There are actually no dangerous sharks in the world. Moreover, shark species that may or tend to be more territory protective are not present in Bali.

Aquatic life injuries do not happen because the animal is attacking the diver but because of the animal trying to defend/ protect himself from a hazardous situation.

The idea of learning diving is to provide you with proper tools and skills for preventing such very unlikely situations. You will learn fast how easy is to check our Submersible Pressure Gauge (SPG) and do it frequent and in a proactive way. It is like reading the petrol gauge on the motorbike or car, do you really run out-of-petrol? Like in other technology devices such as phones, tablets or laptops, when the battery reaches a certain level, the device notifies the user when entering the reserve level. Same with scuba diving!

Remember when you are in the plane and before landing. We tend to feel discomfort due to pressure reasons. Usually individuals equalize air spaces to avoid an uncomfortable feeling. Same will happen underwater, because of the increasing pressure we need to adjust our air spaces such as the mask or ears.

When participating in a PADI entry-level diving program or course, the first step is briefing students on equalization techniques to prevent discomfort. You will see how easy and straightforward it is!

Once you become PADI certified you understand much better how lucky we scuba divers are. Once you are underwater you will not feel the rain at all, actually you are already wet. Only if it really rains a lot –like for days- it may affect the visibility as the rivers bring mud into the ocean.

La Bila Dive Resort does not apply any restriction on bottom times. On the contrary, we stimulate our guests and try to extend as much as possible their bottom time -when of course safety is not jeopardized-. We believe in quality over quantity and every minute you spend underwater is additional time for you to continue expanding and consolidating new knowledge.

You will learn during your scuba diving experience that bottom times vary depending on several factors such as air consumption, fitness, status of mind & body, water conditions –cold/ warm, current/no-current, etc.-
Our guests tend to be on average around 50 minutes on their first diving experience.

Our PADI Dive Resort:

Our Resort, Restaurant and Dive School operates on a daily basis from 07:00 to 22:30.

Yes, we offer free pick-up in Amed area -please contact us in case your accommodation is located further away- and (evening) drop-off service with our minivan from/to your resort.

Standard wise we schedule two dives per day. We are glad to increase the number of dives if our customers require so. Usually we cover Amed and Tulamben areas on a daily basis using our private minivan (with A/C) or by boat -using the so-called “Jukungs”-. If guests want to dive certain sites i.e. Padang Bai or Nusa Penida is possible as well, though contact us first to provide you accurate figures depending on the given circumstances.

Enriched Air Nitrox is available but requires an additional fee -see price list-. We operate standard wise with a 32% mix but if requested, we can order a different blend.

In general, no need for that: as soon as you are in Amed, we can program your week together, directly in our Dive Resort. However, please keep in mind that during high season (June-October) it may be more complicated as there is a higher fluctuation of both dive bookings and walk-in’s. Because we run diving activities in a tailor-made and customized way, we easily get full relatively fast. That for, our customers are fully satisfied with the service provided.

When boat diving in Amed, it is required by the local community to use the so-called “Jukungs”, traditional Balinese fishermen’s boats. Scuba diving in Amed and Tulamben can be mainly done from shore but some extraordinary dive sites are only accessible by “Jukung”.

Since the location of our PADI Dive Resort, Amed, lies in between the Celebes Sea, Pacific Ocean and Indian Ocean, you will encounter a huge variety of marine life and biodiversity. The northeast of Bali offers incredible clear waters and all families of coral reef fishes are present.

Expect to enjoy your time with Angel Fishes, Surgeon Fishes, Damsel Fishes, Cardinal Fishes, Butterfly Fishes, Gobies, Groupers and Codas, Parrot Fishes, Trigger Fishes, Trout, Wrasses, Scorpion Fishes, Moray Eels, Octopus, Cuttlefishes, Puffer and Porcupine Fishes, all kind of colorful Sea Anemones and Clown Fishes, etc. In the midwater you may spot Fusiliers, Trevallies, Mackerel, Napoleon Wrasse, Bumphead Parrotfish, Turtles (Hawksbill, Green, Olive Ridley, Leatherback), Reef Sharks (Black, White, Grey, Silver, Nurse, Wobbegong) Rays (Kuhls, Blue Spotted, White-spotted Eagle), Oceanic Sunfish (Mola-Mola) and Mantas, etc. For the macro enthusiast, Amed and Tulamben are actually a paradise; expect exotic and rare Nudibranches, Harlequin crabs and shrimps, Banded and Ghost Pipefish, Frogfish, Crocodile Fish, Bargibanti Pygmy Seahorse, standard Seahorse, Flying Gurnard, Devil Scorpionfish, Indian Walkman, Leaf Scorpionfish, juvenile Boxfish and many more.

We only work with PADI diving instructors –higher rating than PADI Dive Masters- therefore all certified divers explore the dive sites together with our well-trained, international and multilingual PADI Instructors.

Diving gear by design is reasonably heavy, however as a tailor-made and customized PADI Dive Resort we will arrange, help and assist you in case of any given inconvenience or disability.

Overall, we tend to use 3 mm wetsuits, either long or shorty. If planning to go to some colder dive sites e.g. Nusa Penida, we suggest then to wear a 5 mm exposure suit.

Usually you can easily expect around 20 meters “Vis”. Depending on tides and dive sites bottom conditions (if sandy bottom, reef, wall, etc.) it is possible to enjoy even 40 meters -super clear water-. However, during rainy season (December – March), it can be also negatively affected by water flowing down from the rivers and “Vis” may decrease to below 10 meters. Though never less than 5 meters.

La Bila Dive Resort is a quiet, peaceful and familiar place and thus our location is relatively small to feature a pool. We either use the wonderful pools from our partners -in Amed or Tulamben- when teaching confined water or we conduct training in Jemeluk Bay (Amed), a confined open water site, as it offers -under PADI Standards- swimming pool like conditions in terms of clarity, water movement and depth requirements.

Yes, a deposit fee is required in order to confirm any course or dive booking with La Bila Dive Resort. We require a 25% of the total diving bill for proceeding with the scheduling of diving activities. In case of PADI E-learning codes, we require a 100 € deposit fee. Please keep in mind that once we send the code, access to the PADI Online Material will belong only to you and La Bila Dive Resort will not longer has access to it anymore.

Payments methods available:

  • In person at Dive Center – Credit Card (3% extra fee), in $, in €, in IDR, Bank Transfer

  • From Overseas – Bank Transfer (Indonesian bank account, Spanish or German)

PADI recommendations for flying after diving state divers should not even ascend to a high altitude:

  • After single no-decompression dives, then a minimum pre-flight surface interval of 12 hours is suggested.

  • After multiple no-decompression dives per day or multiple days of diving, then a minimum pre-flight surface interval of 18 hours is required.

Please Note: Consider this also if you want to visit the volcano Batur or driving to any altitude above 300 meters.

We offer a full range of exposure suits –wetsuits-, BCD’s, boots and masks to fit all sizes and from 8 years old -PADI Bubblemaker Program-. We do not provide just one single model of masks, as we strongly believe that every diver has a different face shape. That for, we offer a wide range of masks covering some of the most well-known companies e.g. Scubapro, Aqualung, Deep Gear, Subgear and Mares.

As we operate in a private way and customize diving schedules for our guests, our minivan has limited places. When space is still available and if family, relatives or friends do not want to dive, snorkelling equipment is ready and available for rental. They may join the trip if the dive site is appropriate for it.

If you are already a certified diver, you are welcome to bring your own camera, which you are responsible for at all times. Personal cameras and “Go-Pro” type systems are NOT permitted to be used by student divers on any PADI training Program or Course. La Bila Dive Resort offers as well Photo/ Video service -see price list-.

Water temperature fluctuates between 29c and 26c. From June to October water gets colder and then warms up during November until May. When diving in the East of Amed -e.g. Nusa Penida-, close to the Lombok Strait, then please expect strong thermoclines and temperature easily drops to 22c – 24c.

Yes, when available -see price list-. Please let us know your diving dates for scheduling availability.

The price of guided dives includes a full set of high quality and recently serviced equipment. You are welcome to use your own equipment providing it is in good working condition and recently serviced. La Bila Dive Resort has the right to deny the use of any personal equipment for safety reasons. We provide a 5% discount for using your own gear. Please keep in mind that you are responsible for your own equipment at all times.

Cancellations and Refunds:

You will receive a full refund if you decide to cancel your dive/ course up to a max. of 15 days from your original booking and not less than 15 days from the first arranged diving day.
We refund all dives and courses due to medical/ health reasons if notification is given 48 hours before the dive. We require a copy of the health/ sickness certificate stamped by your doctor.
La Bila Dive Resort refunds as well all dives and courses that have been subject to flight/ ferry cancellation.

If you are late for your dive or transfer no refunds are given, please be on time.

Once your course starts, an instructor is time scheduled thus there is no right for partial refunds due to cancelation. Nevertheless, we will always assess the situation and evaluate the reasons why the diver is not willing to continue. If e.g. due to medical reasons, we will do our best to keep our customers satisfied and will then only charge whatever portion of the course has been accomplished.

Following PADI standards and guidelines, La Bila Dive Resort will certify students only if all PADI performance requirements and financial agreement are met. In case you require additional training hours, extra charges will apply -see price list-.

Since customers safety is our highest priority, we may cancel your dive due to hazardous weather/poor underwater conditions. We will reschedule all dives as soon as possible or fees refunded.

During rain or cloudy conditions, La Bila Dive Resort still operates and runs diving activities as usual, therefore fees will not be refunded. However, if conditions become poor and dangerous for our guests we will obviously cancel the dives in the aim of safety.

We offer PADI Re-Activate programs -see price list- and private dives to enhance your skills and increase your confidence while underwater. If our instructors, when using their sound judgement, should determine that you cannot safely follow a guided dive, then we will cancel the dive as customer safety is our priority and no refunds will be given.

Please check our Refund Policy, Terms and Conditions here.

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