As divers we love the Ocean and the Beaches. Bila Diving actively supports and participates in Beach and Reef Cleanups from Trash Hero and Project AWARE

Our Vision : The Return to a Clean, Healthy ocean and Beaches.
If you’re passionate about the Ocean and the Beaches, feel free to join us during one of the the Cleanups.


Bila Diving organizes and participates in Project AWARE Beach and Reef cleanups

Project AWARE is a NGO founded by PADI members in 1989 to protect the underwater world we all love. Project AWARE takes action to create both local and global change for the ocean and the communities who depend on it.

In 2008, Project Aware began working with Reef Check, sharing data about coral reef health. In 2011, the organization relaunched and announced a new focus on the removal of marine debris, encouraging volunteer divers from around the world to actively remove trash from waterways. Project AWARE volunteers collects data through Dive Against Debris, a global citizen science program aimed at encouraging divers to report on locations, types and quantities of litter that they see and remove underwate

Trash Hero

Bila Diving supports and participates in Trash Hero Beach Cleanups

Trash Hero ( is an NGO that started to be active in Amed, on the East coast of Bali early 2015. Trash Hero is now in charge of a weekly beach clean-up; every week, local Trash Heroes i.e. a happy mix of Balinese kids and grow-ups, together with Westerners living there as well as tourists, gather Saterday’s at 5 pm on one of Amed’s many beaches, to pick up “everything non organic” from the beach.


Since 2015 over 2500 kilos of trash have been taken off the beaches and brought to the waist sorting station in the closest town, Amlapura.

Join the Trash Heroes on Saterday 5 pm at Amed Resto in Amed to cleanup the beaches !
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